Nordic Energy Bear White

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  • Specification

    • Volume: 250 ml
    • Shelf life: 2 years

    Carbonated energy drink. Pastorized.

    High caffeine content; not appropriate for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Caffeine content 32 mg / 100ml

  • Ingredients

    Water, sugar, acid, citric acid; carbon dioxide, taurine (400mg/100ml), acidity regulator, sodium citrates, flavouring, caffeine (32mg/100ml), colours: E150c, E101; vitamins: niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

  • Nutritional value

    Nutritional Value: Per 100 ml
    Energy 197 kJ / 46 kcal
    Fat 0 g
    – of which saturated 0 g
    Carbohydrates 10,8 g
    – of which sugar 10,8 g
    Protein 0,35 g
    Salt 0,14 g
    Caffeine 32 mg
    Taurine 400 mg
    Niacine 7,00 mg (44%*)
    Panthotenic Acid 2,00 mg (33,3%*)
    Vitamin B6 1,40 mg (100%*)
    Vitamin B12 0,5 µg (20%*)
    * Daily reference intakes for vitamines and minerals (adults)

  • Physical and chemical properties

    • Appearance: Clear, no mechanical dirtiness
    • Flavour & smell: Specific to the product, no inorganic smell
    • Taste and odor: Aerid, refreshing, specific to the product
    • Colour: Yellow to light brown
    • CO2: Gas bubbles visible after opening the can

  • Microbiological norms

    • Total plate counts: Less than 50 in 1 ml
    • Yeast and mold: Less than 10 in 1 ml
    • Coliforms: None in 50 ml

  • Storage conditions

    It should be stored in cool and dry place.

    The product meets all requirements of the European Union regulations and is suitable for human consumption